Sunday, January 10, 2010


Writing is often a lonely profession, and working at home has pitfalls by the dozen. The dustbunnies yodel from under the bed, daring you to ignore them, the family thinks you are available for whatever their needs are whenever they arise, and that one friend---and yes, there is ALWAYS at least one---who thinks you have nothing better to do than chat on the phone are just a few of the things that have us looking at the clock aghast, realizing we've wasted yet another day.

One way to circumvent these things is accountability. We resolve to be accountable to others striving for similar goals.

For the next few months (or longer, depending upon the need), Romancing History will encouraging accountability. There will be no bullwhip, no punishments, no lectures, but there will be support, encouragement, and help if you need it.

Interested? Then tell us a bit about yourself and what you hope to achieve. You will be asked to post your progress, status, and goals at least once a week (you can do it more often, but once a week is the minimum) and offer encouragement and support for others as the need arises.


Christine said...

I just popped by because the announcements are today for the GH finalists. I haven't been called. Doubt I will now that it is 10AM--but have you heard anything? Just crossing fingers and toes for you!

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

No, I've heard nothing, but historicals, it seems, have not yet been announced. However, I don't believe this mss is up to snuff---after having reread it and realized I had my poor heroine "lifting her shirts" instead of her skirts---and that was only one oopsie.

Ah well. I wish I had your email address. Things went downhill fast here and I didn't know how to get in touch with you. I hope you hubby is doing well after his surgery. If you want to contact me;

Cate Rowen has established an accountability loop which I thought might interest you, but again, no way to let you know without doing it here and, to be honest, I just kept forgetting.

The day isn't over yet. {{{HUGS}}}