Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 November Progress, Status, & Goals

My first three are done and sent to my CP. YAY! The hook at the end is better than I could have hoped. I hope she agrees.

On to the synopsis. Waterloo. Good thing I'm not French!


Christine said...

I'm cobbling together the entire MS today, reworking order of scenes and not worrying about POV as much as getting the entire story "under one roof." Then I'll rework the first 50 (I have a scene I may add, and I need to look at how I've split the chapters). Once I get to that point, I'll be able to redo the synopsis based on the story's new direction. Heading out of town on Friday, so I hope to have 50 to read and edit while I am in Asheville. I'd like to hit the ground running on Monday next week after I return. Want this puppy out the door before Thanksgiving.

Congrats on the great feedback!

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

This synopsis is KILLING ME!!! The outline is forcing me past where the story currently is, and although I know where it must go, I'm floundering here.

Still, I'm getting a better handle on things in some ways (I hope) so perhaps, after all this angst, I will be able to sprew the last bit more cleanly.

One lives and hopes.

Christine said...

I dread the synopsis and I'm doing a category romance! Argh. I have cobbled together the book. I need at least 8,000 words to make it a decent length. I have TONS to do, but I will forge ahead.

Next--simple fixes: repetitive words and "that" "some" "it" --my XXX stuff... that's short for needs MAJOR WORK but MY BRAIN TOO TIRED TO THINK OF HOW TO WRITE IT ALL.

Fortunately, most of the XXXs are in the body of the MS past the first 50p.

Good luck with Synopsis.
You can do this!!
I'll be cheering you on at the National Conference.