Saturday, November 14, 2009

14 November Progress, Status & Goals.

I'm so late putting this up. Sorry. Thought I'd done it before going to bed.

From now on, the title will be date PS&G. I know. Sounds like your local utility comapany, but typing it out, I have to refer back to see what order I used (you will notice, when I first started this, the order changed almost daily!)

Not as much done as I'd hoped. Have to take care of some chores today, too, but I won't be able to write if things are too disordered. (Danged dustbunnies cry without attention, dontcha know.) Still, will push forward. Gotta get 'er done.


Christine said...

I love the new title... PS&G--hehe... totally understand. I am in Asheville--chilling when I should be writing, but it has been lovely. I did judge three contest entries though... so that counts as writing work, right?

I found out yesterday and today that a blog I had published in my Southern Magic newsletter is making the rounds in other RWA chapter newsletters. Another local editor emailed me and gave me a "spanking" for not submitting it to her LOL... guess I will have to farm my blogs again...

oh the infamy ;)

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

Enjoy your mini-vaction. We all need time to renew and refresh. My sis and niece are coming up to Tannersville to the outlets for niece's b-day, so I'll be meeting them there (only 45 minutes away for me. Twice that for them.) It will be fun, and I'll get a bit of refresh myself.

Sound fab about the blog. Never knew they could be "farmed out." Mine tend to draw well to NWIB. Rubies? Not so sure since I've only done one. We'll see. But I did remark to one gal that blogging might prove my only claim to fame. LOL

Good luck with your "farming." Enjoy your weekend. You've worked hard and deserve the break.

Christine said...

Hey Gwylyn: hope the shopping was fun. My trip was great. I love Asheville. At first I rued the missed writing time, but I had reached a good stopping point. On the way there I got detoured due to a rockslide so I got to drive through all these super quaint towns and saw lovely vistas.

My friend needed this more than I did. She's battling back a depression (I had no idea how sad she really is) and this weekend pumped her up. We went to the Biltmore, the Grove Park Inn, a cool little French bistro that reminded me of the Latin Quarter in Paris. And well, we stayed in a charming B&B Inn with far too many goodies for my thighs to take in LOL.

On the way out, I had nothing in my head about the GH MS. But on the way home, I did. So it was a good trip for me for the well is ready for me to dip into it. I must remember this for next year.

Oddly, I have no real ambition for this MS to do super great in the GH. I believe the other one I sent in has a better chance. BUT I love that I am fixing story problems and working toward the end goal. This contest is BRILLIANT for helping one work out the story problems and getting a partial together along with a synopsis.


(re the blog--I gave the Romance Magicians permission to reprint my guest blog entries in the newsletter and then, afterward, it was picked up by other chapters--very fun!)