Thursday, November 12, 2009

12 November Progress, Status, & Goals

Well, I had a major EUREKA (or, maybe, it was more like a DUH!) moment today; while working on my characters' GMC, to make sure all my ducks were in a row and packing howitzers, I realized my VILLAIN's needed work. I had absolutely no concrete reason for his behavior. How had that happened? And, since he shows up in three books (each book has its own primary villain. This guy becomes the primary in the third book,)it would be nice if he had, if not a method, a MOTIVATION for his obscenely obsessive behavior.

It's the synopisis' fault. All of it.


Christine said...

This is why I have been creatively avoiding writing my synopsis. Good luck! My CP said if we weren't doing the GH, we wouldn't discover our story problems as quickly or solve them as fast.

That's the positive side.

I am writing more today. 3000 words yesterday. Need to come up with another 6000 to reach my idea of a good category length.

Printing the first 50 pages, and, yes, continuing to layer in synopsis points.

Tomorrow I head to Asheville, NC and I hope to read through the first fifty there--we'll see if I get the time.

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

Amazing progress, Christine.

I have to admit, pushing myself like this has evolved into a learning process about my own methodology, something I've never taken the time to examine before. I'm thinking this challenge, issued in an effort to help and encourage others, may turn out to help ME the most!

Christine said...

Gwynlyn: I totally agree--last year I was almost in the same boat with the third MS -- BUT my first 25 pages had been vetted a few times through contests so I was a bit more ahead of the game LOL. However, as I revisit and compare the process I went through last year to this year, I am ending up with the same result: fifty good pages, a decent (not great) synopsis, a story problem worked out, and a lot of goop to fix after I send off the entire thing. However, last year, I KNEW exactly what the direction of the story was so revising the rest was a matter of just pushing forward till end of Jan. It looks like I'll be in the same position this year as well.

Today I realized my Hero's GMC wasn't quite firm--so I redid them as I worked on the synopsis. I added and layered in some more stuff for the first fifty/sixty pages, figured out how to use a scene I thought I'd have to cut and move, and I printed the first 56P/synopsis. Highlighters are packed, and I'm ready to roll to Asheville.

I have three contest entries to read through while I am there, but that will be a nice break.

Will see what I accomplish while gone and hit the road running when I get back.


Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

I hope your trip is safe and productive, Christine.

I spent today going over the charts I worked out, refining them, and being annoyed with myself for losing hours, but I'm convinced the hours spent now will pay off when it's time to spew.

Too close now. Can't afford to be wrong!