Sunday, November 15, 2009

15 November PS&G

I'm so stoked!!! I have this really NASTY villain, the puppetmaster one, that I hate to write. He is so dark, getting into his head knocks me for a loop. HOWEVER, I introduced him tonight from the POV of one of his cohorts and it worked BEAUTIFULLY!! His basic motivation is evident---as his his reptilian nature.


Christine said...

Most awesome! So happy for you!! We're heading toward the finish line with our sneakers on high speed!!

Can't wait to read it when it is published :)

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

When it's published. Sounds great, but we shall see. I spent today enjoying nigh 70 degree weather and tending the yard instead of the book. I had to be done; puppy patrol is a must around here.

My shopping trip is the 20th as that is Miss Mel's b-day.

I'm so glad you were there for your friend. Writing is a lonely and demanding profession, but how can we write people if we seclude ourselves from them? Friends are too precious to let too much stand in the way, and obviously, she needed you. I'm gonna sound like your mother here, but it pleases me to know you care enough to put something important to you aside to come to a friend's aid. Kudos, doll.

Glad you got a recharge and renew for yourself. Looks like it's going to be a productive week all around!

Christine said...

Thanks Gwynlyn: I totally understand the need to be with people--else how could we write them? I do love my friend. She is a hothouse flower with lots of needs, BUT she was there for me, very empathetic, when I was going thru' the loss of my dad and my very strange mom's reaction. I don't forget that kind of love.

She's my "waif" but still strong in her own way... you know what I mean?

We will be published. We will....

Glad you enjoyed the weather!!
Gorgeous day.

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

Your waif. Yeah, I know what you mean. I think there is one of them in every life just to show us strength comes in many forms.

I still say, It's all about balance. Two sides of an A frame, leaning on each other for stability. When the wind blows from one side, the other does the work. Interdependent. This is, to my mind, a good thing.

And I'm agreeing with you: We WILL be published. I'm clicking my heels together and chanting, "There's no place like the Best Sellers List!"