Tuesday, November 24, 2009

24 November PS&G

Yesterday was pretty much a bust. I'm so scattered, I'm getting in my own way. Not good. Worse, I've lost track of things within the story---something that unsettles me because that has never happened before---and keep finding myself scrolling back to check things. Very time consuming.

Picked up the rental, and had some youngster trying to caution be about the size of the vehicle. I just gave him what my kids call "the LOOK." He actually stepped back. Then it dawned on him. I'd hit the deer with a TRUCK. Short of a semi, pal, chances are I can drive it. (And a couple lessons from my dad, and I could do the semi too!)

Anyway, some errands later, then it's back to work. Doc's Wednesday will shoot that, but I'll resort to tablet and paper to play with the synopsis.

Had my sweetie look into Fed-Ex. I really need to sleep, so that option may save my neck.


Christine said...

Hang in there--my first fifty are goldenish, but the rest is blech at best. Whole scenes will have to be removed and I need to add a villain's POV after the fact. But that's okay, I entered it as a category, the major story problems are worked out, and I know I may change this to a ST (due to all the HQN hoopla) so lots of work to do between now and March 25th.

Focus on the first 50, fill in the rest as necessary and get your synopsis finished.

You can do this!!

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

I need to wake up. I don't know what's going on here, but I keep falling asleep. Considering the length of the drive tomorrow, this is not a good thing.

Still pushing forward. Notes everywhere. My desk looks like something exploded atop it, not my style at all. But I've learned a lot about myself, my process, and my limitations.

No day is wasted where something is learned.

I'm so glad you and Kate succeeded so brilliantly. Just thinking about it pushes me forward and makes me smile.