Wednesday, November 4, 2009

4 November Progress, Goals and Status

Not a good writing day yesterday. Trying to avoid too much "vomit" in the early chapters. Will spew toward the end so I can finish in time.


Christine said...

Gwynlyn: I had a good day writing, made lots of tough decisions, but I am worried I won't have a decent entry to send in on the 20th--we're heading out of town on the 25th to TX so I had hoped to get it out of my way beforehand so we could ready to travel. But now, due to another trip I honestly wish I could cancel (but can't due to friend's tender feelings), I am not sure if that is a realistic goal.

The good news is that I had an AHA moment with the story conflict and I think it'll up the fun as well.

I hope you have a better writing day today!!

Stay strong.

Christine said...

I'm working on the first fifty pages of vomit right now--just printing out the POS as I type this--the rest of the MS will be in a shambles more than likely, but I'll make it "look" pretty for the CD-ROM I send in and fix it after the fact.

Still trying to find more hours due to upcoming hours being drained--travels await.

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

Life will interfere. No getting around it. And, with the holidays fast approaching, things will get even more hectic.

Ah, well. When we're published, deadlines will part of the deal. No excuses. So I guess this little foray into trial by fire has its good points.

Hang in. You're doing grand!