Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11 November Progress, Status, & Goals

My CP made only a couple of suggestions for my first three chapters! YAY!!! I printed them out and will let them sit for a bit before I take another look at them.

The synopsis is slow going, but I am making progress. If nothing else, I've discovered some shortfalls in character conflict before getting too far into the story. Not good news, but fixable and, since it's still early going, not too onerous.


Christine said...

Great news about the first three chapters! I cobbled together my MS yesterday and started some light editing. I also ran through the synopsis and am working on fine tuning it this week. I changed the S/L so I need to work the changes into the outline. I'll start fleshing it out this afternoon.

Figured out a few more scenes I need to add. That'll help the word count increase. Lots of "fill in later" and "insert XXX" in the body of the total MS, but the first 50 are coming along. I'm a little stressed cause I think I need to add a scene to get the S/L laid down nicely in the beginning. I'll be barfing it out tomorrow.

Friday I have to drive to Asheville for a weekend I had planned months ago--what was I thinking? I don't even want to go, but maybe the break will be good for me. Bringing my computer and working on the story while I am there.

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

Enjoy your visit to Asheville, and don't beat yourself up if your computer turns out to be extanious luggage. Down time is time to recharge. It can only help.

Love those story line threads that missed the first weave and now need to be tucked in---seamlessly, of course. Still, it's early days, so not too horrible.

I doubt my synopsis will see even first draft status before Friday. I'm thinking it will take longer to write than the entire book. But I haven't much time to play with it. So I spend a few hours on it, then go back and write. Feel much more productive and a lot less frustrated that way.