Monday, November 2, 2009

2 November Goals, Status, and Progress


Christine said...

Yesterday I met with a writing buddy and went over my story details as well as her upcoming historical trilogy (so excited about the ideas and the stories). I also worked out the main scenes in my notebook--ones I want to focus on for GH and throughout the book to get the synopsis completed.

Goals today are:
*redo scene cards for the story
*new version of the story saved to revise
*read through my pages and cull what I can save
*start revision of first chapter--again
*stay on task with the online homicide course

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

Good luck with your ambitious plans! I went to a shower yesterday (my CP is going to be a Grammy!) and today, since it didn't rain, I did yard work (with my dh down, I should probably be committed for taking on this challenge!) Ran out of light before I ran out of work, but it looks like someone lives here now.

Took my CP the first two chapters yesterday. She'll get back to me tomorrow or Wednesday, most likely. I'm happy to report that she likes my "vomit" so far. *G*

I'll get some words down tonight, but won't push too hard. There's rain in tomorrow's forecast, so that'll keep me indoors.