Monday, November 16, 2009

17 November PS&G

I know. I forgot the 16th, but I was writing until 4:30 a.m. and was falling asleep in my chair. Got a few hours sleep and dh said, "We have to go... (he can't drive yet)so off to the bank and the VA hospital. I never even got on the computer until late this afternoon. Still didn't hit me I'd forgotten to post the day, however. Sorry.

Too late to do the 16th now so onward and upward!


Christine said...

Totally understand! I can't imagine how tired you are today--and the driving thing? I'll be there in a few months with darling hubby after his hip replacement (help).

Yesterday was super productive. Read through all the 55 pages and edited on hard copy. Worked through inputting the edits on my computer for the rest of the day. Added a few words, lost a few words in the fine tuning process. Now on the fourth Chapter (mine are short). I have about 18 pages left to input.

Then I'll go through and hunt down repetitive words, "it, that, then, was" and fine tune a bit more. After that print, work on synopsis, reread aloud the pages.

The beat goes on!

Kate said...

Phew. Hit the end on the mss. First draft, mind you, but the end nevertheless.

Then I reviewed my synopsis. It could possibly be the same story.

At that point, computer started to freeze up again. I keep praying I'll be able to print out the GH entry before it dies. (Internet computer is newer. New enough I don't know how to do what I want in Word.)

And you need to get some sleep, lady.

Christine said...

Still plugging along. I edited the rest of my hard copy into the computer. Got my 50 golden pages.. in so many ways. I ran through the first column of "repeated words" and eeked my way into the second column.

Got distracted by HQN's latest news: a VANITY PRESS. So super depressing as an unpublished writer, but my money is much better spent on entering contests like GH, honing my craft, and moving forward.

Pulling boot straps up and finishing the "repetitive words" tomorrow. Then I print, work on synopsis and do the same.

The beat goes on.

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...


Good to see you, darlin'. Do yourself a favor and back everything up onto a CD. I have been told Staples or Kinkos (I'm not sure of any others) can print it all out AND put it together for you if push comes to shove.

My lexmark is giving me a fit and if the Samsung cartridge runs out, I'm so screwed, so keeping this bit of info available just in case.
After darn near killing myself, to not get it printed and mailed? You'd need a paint-scraper to get me off the ceiling!

I wish I could help with the computer, but have made no secret of my Techno-dudness. (Coining new words is such fun!)

Hang in. We SHALL overcome.

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

Christine, you are putting me to shame. I have managed to get 2500 words down today, but only after deleting the better part of a scene. The good news? It was a scene, not a chapter. Even so, lots to do yet tonight. With the holiday approaching, hours are limited.

Seems like your visit to Asheville reloaded your powder mags. You are blowing it all right out of the water!