Thursday, November 19, 2009

19 November PS&G

This little crew of go-getters is on a roll! With Butter!!!

I am so pleased by the progress everyone (but me) is making. Actually, my progress isn't so bad, but I'm rueing the time I spent going over the first three so thoroughly. And I'm still not thrilled with them. But, with my mind set on speed, such is as it is.

We are running out of time, ladies. Home stretch and VICTORY here we come!


Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

Going to take a wee nap ere I tackle this thing again. Did over 6K today and am happy with the way the story is going. It's such an adventure.

Laurie says I MUST do the synopsis. I guess she's right, but I hate to stop when I'm on a roll. Still, the more I write, the more difficult the synopsis will be because I'll have more juicy details I want to throw in.

A little rest and we'll see.

Christine said...

Gwynlyn, you are on a roll, but when you reach a stopping point, you can take time to work on the synopsis. I fine tuned my GMC/turning points last week. Today I am taking the first stab at making it prettier. I've printed out the Golden Fifty--set them aside--and now I am ready to hammer out the synopsis. I'm not worrying about the rest of the WIP as far as beautification. I will iron out those wrinkles a bit at a time and polish the mess after I send off the entry. As long as the story is down and the first fifty are "golden" along with the synopsis, I figure I've done my best.

I wan to send this puppy off by Tuesday morning, November 24th. We had to TX on Wed. Oddly enough, my DH was surprised I'd managed this much in the time I had to do it (Asheville trip kind of cut into the working and other events like doctor visits etc). I think my process and my ability to see what is blatantly wrong with the writing has improved over last year's efforts.

Good to know.

Hope you get lots done when you wake up :)

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

Hard to sit here when my tush still hurts from yesterday. Went from Balance Ball to chair and will need to go back. The ball is great for posture, but who would have though sitting on a ball filled with air could be painful?
Darned hip.

Christine said...

I feel your pain! I do!! I have roved from chair to cushion to couch and back again. I actually enjoyed not having to write by the duties forced upon me just so I could stand up! I don't have hip issues, but I have silly muscle aches and being in one position completely balls my muscles into knots. Blah.

But the good news is I HAVE A WORKING SYNOPSIS for my book. I read it to my husband and he loved the twists. It's category length/5 double spaced pages. I have something to play with and fine tune. Now I really have the story nailed down for the rest of the revision.

Tomorrow I print out the synopsis, read through the first fifty and edit again then print out the first fifty again for my readaloud on Sunday. I may play with the rest of the POS here and there when I am not cooking dinner, folding laundry and organizing my brain for TX.

I see the light!