Friday, November 27, 2009

27 November PS&G

I hope you both ate too much and had a wonderful day yesterday!!!

Today is another cooking day for me. Years ago, my dh complained there were no Thanksgiving leftovers at our house (although I always made the pies and rolls to take to Mom's) and thus began a tradition. I cook Thanksgiving Dinner (pared down a bit, but not much!) on Friday. The kids always brought a "waif" or two home to share our meal and that hasn't changed. Somebody's friend always fills another chair or two at the table.

This year our Patty won't be here for the first time. Bound to happens sooner or later, but it leaves a hole. No matter where they were in years past, they made it home to eat. But times change, and so must we, so I shall take pleasure in what can be and try not to bemoan what was and can be no more.

Christine, hugs to you and your dear FIL. May God smile on you and yours.

Kate, same to you and your family, especially your daughter. May God send angels to protect, support, and encourage you this holiday season and into the New Year.

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Christine said...

Happy Thanksgiving --day after TG! We had a lovely day. Just we three this year, but nice. We made way too much food and ate a lot. Today the DD and DH shop for my Christmas presents-their tradition started when she was very young. I tear down TG decor and start getting the house ready for Christmas.

I've avoided my MS. Will look at it again on Monday. Reading other people's work right now--finished judging contests and am on second CP's MS.

Have a blessed day!