Monday, November 9, 2009

9 November Progress, Status, & Goals

Mya and Kaycee went home. Thank heaven. I don't know which drove me crazier: having two more dogs in the house or dh hollering when Mya's and Wicket's playing included barks and growls and other things that interrupted his football viewing.

Am redoing the end of chapter three. It doesn't feel right, but I now realize why I had to write it. Necessitated going back and making a couple of other minor adjustments so here's hoping Laurie doesn't shoot me--she like the first two chapters just as they were.

Gotta write today. No excuses.


Christine said...

I"m shifting scenes today. Some are not in the GH first fifty pages, but so be it. That's what the muse is telling me to do. I hope to layer in some additional details into the first 37 to add pages to them. Sometime this week the dreaded synopsis must be tackled -- again.

Glad the pups are out of your hair! Have a great writing day.

Kate said...

Almost have the manuscript finished. Of course, I'm at 44,000 words, which is a bit short, but my first draft always is.

And hallelujah, I got the critique I won back, and the information on the first fifty pages is amazing. Now if I can only write to the level of the critique. Will take a few days off to work on the first 50 before I go back to tackle the end.

Have a great writing day.

Christine said...

Woohoo Kate! Great news on the critique and the fifty. I write short as well... muddling along but hope to have the second entry in well before the deadline.

As one CP says "it's all fixable."

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

Welcome back, Kate. Fabulous news on your first 50 critique! Way to go.

I'm fighting with the closing hook on the GH portion of by mss. Unfortunately, it's fighting back. But, since I told Laurie she'd have it by tomorrow, no rest for the weary.

Once I send it off, I'll be wrestling with the synopsis---my personal Waterloo. I have some guidelines and suggestions from a friend and NYT Best Selling Author with which to work, so pray my thick skull has an Ah HA! moment.

Christine, Follow that muse. If more of us listened to our "inner voice" (or gut), I think they would be few mistakes made all around.

One more thing, ladies. I have faith in us. I expect to see both of you on that finalists' list---along with me. If we're going to go for it, we might as well go all the way.

Christine said...

Thanks Gwynlyn. I'd love to final. I have another MS out there, my MAGGIE finalist MS, and have hopes for it. It is very polished. I'll see how this one goes. I'll be glad to have the partial super strong and a synopsis ready for it by December. Then I can work on polishing it and getting it out to an agent who requested it at the M&M. Either way, I want it done!