Saturday, November 21, 2009

21 November PS&G

Managed to add another 6K to the manuscript despite my misadventure. Need some sleep now, though. Both physically and emotionally drained at this point.

Tomorrow I'll be pushing for 15K. Time has become the enemy.


Christine said...

You're almost there!! I can feel it... :) I'm taking a bit of a break today--letting it all percolate because I have company coming for din din. I'm also reading my CPs outline for her RS series (she's an amazing writer and CP). I just need a break. Tomorrow I'll hit it again--and Monday I am sending it off--PERIOD. I have to focus on my family for the trip to TX come Tuesday as we leave on Wed.

Last year I wasn't this busy, but I am working faster. At least that's one bonus.

Kate said...

Gwynlyn, I'm glad the buck didn't hurt you. Trucks can be fixed.

Tomorrow I finish printing out the polished first 50. I already have a copy of the entire mss printed. I hope no one ever reads it, it is so first draft. But it's more than 40K words, so that's good. Monday I mail it in and Tuesday I leave for the grandkids for Thanksgiving.

Talked to my baby in Afghanistan today. She asked if our trip to London in August helped with this story. The answer is oodles, so she told me to thank her in my acceptance speech in Nashville in July. I haven't told her this whole story is built on my fears for her.

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

Christine, You're feeling it more that I, but I'm going. I think the emotional stress of my less than cordial meeting with Bucky Boy took more of a toll than I thought, but I'll get over it. Makes the writing tough, though.

I'm going to cheer for you on Monday! We learned a lot about ourselves and our process didn't we? Whodda thunk?

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

Kate, I'm sending relatively useless but heartfelt cyber hugs your way. I hope I will be there to hear your acceptance speech. I'll tape it, if you'd like.

When your darlin' comes home will be soon enough for her to learn Mom used her book as a catharsis. Thank heaven for the outlet, though. Whatever we feel can go on the pages of a book, attributed to someone else and to good effect,
without anyone really getting hurt. Much more theraputic than Scream Therapy to my mind.

I'm with you on the "no one ever reads it" first draft, but the GH doesn't say it must be our best effort, just that it must be complete. Once in, we'll have time to fine tune it before March. (I could never show my face in writing circles again if this mess of mass confusion I've engineered every saw the light of day!)

Look like you and Christine will both beat me to the finish line, but I'm so thrilled for you. Getting it off by Monday leaves you free to enjoy your time with the grands.

As for the deer, you're correct, the truck is repairable. And, now that it's over, I can laugh at the comment made by the man in the oncoming car when I asked if he was hurt. (The animal just missed landing atop his Saturn. THAT scared me to death!) His reply? "Nope. We're fine, but that deer probably isn't doin' so good."

Christine said...

Gwynlyn: I am sure you will get there. I am pushing it out only because I am so darned ready to see it go!! TG we have till March to fine tune the rest LOL.

Kate: hugs to you and prayers for your child in Afghanistan. I have such appreciation for the men and women who serve our country, and for their families. I can only imagine how fearful you are for her. Much much positive love and energy for you all... especially during the holidays.

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

Getting frustrated. 50K is within sight, but I'm not writing my usual scenes, but rather, vignettes, each only three or four pages.

Still, vignettes fill the pages too, just takes more of them. I think my coffee pot and I will be good friends for the next few days.